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For Your Commercial Setting

Brighten up your working environment by turning to Adrian Electric. We provide lighting for rearranging spaces or switching cubicles, as well as build-outs where new retail is coming in. For existing offices, we troubleshoot any areas where circuits have overloaded and provide electrical repairs that include new transformers, motors, or panels.

Upgrade Your Systems

Experts in lighting and lighting designs, our contractors have what it takes to bring modern systems to your office or home. For dark living spaces, we provide accent and candle lighting for a great price. For kitchens, we share ideas on the best center lights, as well as accent lighting on or under cabinets. This is a great way to upgrade to nicer fixtures and make your home and office look even more magnificent.

Complete Electrical Repairs

Whether you have a ground fault outlet that doesn’t work, faulty circuits, or an electrical switch without power, our electrical repair company can help. Contact us today to schedule a service call of up to 1 hour and we’ll determine the problem then provide a quote for your electrical repair.